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Pilates Burlington MA

Nicole began her career as an occupational therapist, designing rehab protocols to return people with serious limitations back to enjoying their everyday activities. She graduated from Worcester University and has been serving the Boston area for 15 years. Nicole was inspired to become an Occupational Therapist to help people enjoy an active and independent lifestyle.

Nicole has trained Pilates daily for the past five years. She excels at creating personalized training programs designed to progress athletes forward no matter their experience level. She loves blending her expertise in Occupational Therapy and Pilates training to improve core strength and spinal alignment from functional activities.

Combining that with Power Pilates Comprehensive Teacher and Advanced Teaching Seminar Graduate certifications and her own love of the practice, she thrives on understanding each individual client in a way few trainers can.

When she is not teaching and training, she enjoys playing and spending time outdoors with her two daughters.

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Class options:

  • Private or Duet (2 person) Sessions Using Pilates Reformer, Cadillac and Spine Corrector

  • Private & Small Group Pilates Mat Classes Via Zoom

  • Chair Yoga/ Core Strength Zoom Class

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Do you tend to quit due to boredom or repetitive workouts? Have confusion around what your next workout should be? Or do you tend to always get injured right when you start making progress again? Avoid the boom/bust cycle of working out. Your sessions will be as much learning as moving, and you will be able to take your new skills - and new body - into your every day life.


Improve flexibility, build deep core strength, and develop control and endurance of your entire body. Pilates puts emphasis on spinal alignment and breathing to develop a strong core.

My studio uses the Pilates Reformer, Cadillac, Spine Correctors and other apparatus that challenge your small and large muscle groups in a way that other workouts don't.

Whether an experienced fitness pro or a beginner looking to finally make changes in your body, we will create a progressive program to raise your level as far as you want to take it.

Mark B.
Mark B.

"May I be the first person to offer Nicole Burns a 5 star review for the absolute commitment and success she has demonstrated towards health and fitness! And towards all of her students. Nicole has been my Pilates instructor/coach for 3 straight years. I am very grateful for her guidance, and for discipline in my life. Pilates and Nicole offers an approach of loving your body which is respectful of where you are starting from and slowly increases flexibility, strength (especially core strength) and balance in motion.
I was a Physical Therapist and a certified "Rolfing Practitioner" for decades and have been very attuned to helping others though physical tightness, pain, and postural restrictions. Pilates sets the stage for those who wish to live in their body more comfortably, more at ease. Pilates can also challenge you to push your body towards a physical well-being that most of us never considered possible.

My personal experience is that I'm humbled as this 64 year old body bumps up against my own tightness, jealously developed over years of grunting and groaning through and through life, under the command of my stubborn Ego that took great pleasure in pushing me further and further. I came to Pilates a bit late compared to the thirty, forty and fifty-something stars I work with:) But, three years invested , and with Nicole's always sincere commitment to all of us, I remain ever grateful. Because I actually still hike in the woods, miles at a time; I still do my own landscaping, and I still play ice hockey with long standing friends! And my core strength has improved. And my low back in particular says, Thank You! Life is Good!"

Courtney F.
Courtney F.

I have been training with Nicole on both mat and reformer for the last 3 years. I am a marathon runner and feel that working with Nicole helps me to strengthen and remain injury free. She is intuitive, knowing exactly what my body needs from session to session. When something is feeling off she is able to hone in and figure out what is going on and how to help me. I look forward to my session each week both mentally and physically.

Karen J.
Karen J.

"It has been a pleasure to know Nicole Burns for over the past 6 years. First, as my post stroke Occupational Therapist at Spaulding Rehabilitation in Medford and later as a friend and post wellness coach. I felt immediately at ease with Nicole's warm and engaging demeanor and knew I was safe and in good hands. A gifted therapist and lifelong learner, Nicole consistently hones her craft with classes and seminars beyond her degree. Her practice in Pilates, Yoga, Reiki and Meditation supporther Occupational Therapy core. She crafts her sessions to engage clients and instill self confidence and self awareness, the result is strength. Nicole incorporated a total body focus, understanding the delicate balance between mind and body for optimal health. Nicole approaches each task with intelligence, enthusiasm and tenacity.

I have truly benefited from Nicole's use of Pilates with me post stroke. I had difficulty with balance due to paralysis, the Pilates has strengthened my core and Nicole had me on the Pilate Reformer strengthening my legs. I also like the exercises that get my heartrate up.
Foremost, I know Nicole as a dear, trusted friend with a generous and giving heart. A remarkable young women, strong in her beliefs, and her long and support of her family."

Theodora S.
Theodora S.

As someone navigating life with Multiple Sclerosis, Pilates core training is critical not only for better fitness for managing daily activities. Simple movements such as reaching for an item in a kitchen cabinet or climbing stairs is easier with a stronger core. In Nicole's class, we learn to use our breath as well as movements to create strength and endurance. Nicole is very knowledgeable and extremely nurturing teacher who inspires us to show up each week, work hard within our limits and experience gratitude for each other and ourselves.